Welcome To The Clog & Billycock

At the heart of every great village should be a great pub. We pride ourselves on being part of the community, choosing the best local and regional ingredients and creating the perfect atmosphere to enjoy our food and drink.

A menu created by Nigel Haworth, gin bar handpicked with a wide variety of offerings and a relaxed environment to bring family and friends - it’s what we’re all about.



This wonderfully vibrant Malfy gin has an aroma of zest from a freshly picked lemon.

A selection of coastal grown lemons are used in this gin – some from Amalfi and some from Sicily to give a fresh, zesty aroma.

It’s sharp and dry on the nose with fresh lemon and a hint of ginger, and softens on the palate becoming lemon sorbet-like.

Juniper and a touch of black pepper brings the gin around perfectly.

The Malfy bottle is decorated using traditional Italian glass design technique and it certainly stands out in our gin bar!

The stopper is made in Italy from real oak too.

The blue on the bottle represents the Mediterranean and the yellow, unsurprisingly represents the Italian lemons grown on the Amalfi coast.

Lemons are one of the first things you think about in Italian cuisine. But we bet you didn't know gin was invented in Italy in the 11th century!

Malfy is fantastic with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic, garnished with fresh thyme and a lemon wedge. 

It also makes a refreshing all Italian Negroni mixed with Campari and dry Italian Vermouth, shaken over ice.

Is your mouth watering yet?



There is nothing quite like knowing where your food comes from. Nigel and all his kitchens have become famous for championing local and British produce and they are the heart and soul of the food at the Clog & Billycock. 

Quality and character are the defining qualities and we at the Clog salute all our local food producers.

"The finest British ingredients are the heart and soul of all the food at The Clog. Celebrating the nature of our own regional produce gives each dish character and a sense of difference with outstanding quality." Nigel Haworth




We're delighted to be housing this collection of recently rediscovered photographs.

Wally Talbot and his son Howard were Blackburn based photographers working in the areas of Press, Sport and Commercial photography from the 1930s through to the 1990s.

The photographs here were taken mainly between 1950 and 1969 responding to daily assignments in Blackburn and it's locality. Staff and students at Blackburn College, in partnership with the Talbot family and Blackburn Library have been digitally archiving the photographs to preserve this essential piece of social history.



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