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Pinot Noir, Reserve, Nostros

By popular demand, we're showcasing this Chilean red. Grown in Casablanca Valley, the climate in this valley can be described as cool Mediterranean. Its closeness to the ocean tempers its climate and winters tend to be mild. The vineyards are planted on the flatter plains and on the gentle slopes of the Casablanca valley. Generally, the soil is of relatively poor quality with low fertility, and therefore good for growing wine grapes. Soft, light red wine with mature red fruit, cherries, violet flowers and extremely delicate smoky nuances. Subtle, elegant and refined, its light tannins allow the fruit to dominate and its refreshing, persistent, delicate flavours to shine.

Chardonnay, The Accomplice

This Australian drop could be a game-changer if you're not already a Chardonnay fan.  A lively, aromatic, fruity and rounded dry white with peach, nectarine and vanilla flavours. It has a creamy texture, fresh citrus zest and a whiff of oak. The wine comes from the Riverina sub-region in southeast Australia and is made by the De Bortoli winery. It’s an area of sunbaked plains, fertile red soils and meandering waterways where vines thrive. The grapes were selected for their quality and intensity. It's ideal to enjoy with fish pie.

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